Benefits of Energy

The Benefits of Energy

Who doesn’t want more energy, more stamina, endurance, strength and faster recovery times from exercising and injury?

Nikken offer a range of products to help you do just that. Many such as the insoles and joint wraps are used by Olympic and professional athletes along with the Pimag sports bottle to hydrate on the go and improve performance!

Choose from the KENKO MSTRIDES® our original flagship product for a battery pack in your shoes or perhaps a MAGNETIC SUPPORT – KENKOSEAT®  for the car or office chair to keep you energised whilst sitting. This can also be used instead of the kenkopad for lying under your bottom sheet to ease the body at night for those who perhaps want a less expensive alternative to the kenkopad. 

The wonderful KENKOTOUCH®  is effective treatment for massaging muscle aches. A good massage may help produce positive results even for those who enjoy excellent health. The active surface promotes relaxation and relief with moving nodules that produce a firm, slightly yielding sensation. It as well as the Magduo, can also be used for animals including cats dogs and horses as vets have long been aware of the therapeutic effects of magnetic therapy for animals

There are comfortable KENKOTHERM®  WRAP for all your joints to support you during sports activities and the KENKO MAGDUO®  to ease those tight muscles after exercise or too much desk time and so much more!

And let us not forget the ever popular NIKKEN POWERBAND® BRACELET helping many with discomfort in their joints and the feedback I get that it also helps with anxiety, hot flushes and sleep which is not what it is designed for. The body is truly magical at sorting itself out when it is given what it is missing to calm the nervous system down and bring about homeostasis along with good quality water, sleep and nutrition.

Sportsperson using Kenko Touch product
A man sitting down holding a football and wearing a Nikken powerband


Don’t just take my word for it. Here is Ruth with her experience of the insoles after just one week of wearing them and Lesley talking about her whole experience so far with the range of products.

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