Benefits of Sleep

The Benefits of Sleep

Nikken have unique solutions for restorative sleep, integrating patented magnetic technologies that surround the body with the same frequencies of nature where we usually feel better because we are connected to the air, earth and light.
Imagine feeling “hugged” the minute you climb into bed and drifting quickly into relaxed restorative sleep and waking up feeling focused. refreshed and raring to go! 
With a quilt, KenkoDream® Quilt  pillow, Naturest® Pillow and mattress topper Naturest® KenkoPad cocooning yourself every night you will feel like a new you. 
Sleep is a gift and a learned behaviour, so even if your sleep pattern has broken, it can be re-established and any emotional blocks removed through the work I do as a Wingwave coach.
The environment is important, as is the lead up to bedtime and also what we do during the day which can impact our ability to wind down and ready ourselves for the magnificence that is sleep.
Did you know that during sleep our bodies rest, repair, rejuvenate and have processes going on that are vital for good health.
  • Certain proteins are released called Cytokines that target infection and inflammation building a good immune system.
  • The appetite hormones Ghrelin and Leptin are in action, decreasing and increasing respectively to reduce appetite so lack of sleep sends these, along with our appetites out of control.
  • New neural/nerve pathways are laid down
  • New research shows that the brain cells shrink to allow gaps between the nerves to “spring clean” and flush heavy metals and toxins. One such protein is Beta-amyloid(implicated in Alzheimer’s disease).The toxins are absorbed during the day from the environment. You need good quality sleep even when you get older.
  • Good sleep gives you more energy and mental clarity and focus the next day.
  • Better mood.
  • Less likely to develop pre diabetes
  • Less likely to develop high blood pressure
  • Less likely to develop heart disease
  • Less likely to gain weight
Caffeinated drinks, blue light from screens and electromagnetic frequencies emitted from devices along with sleep trackers can actually stop you sleeping, as can being dehydrated. Alkaline water from Nikken filters can help here if you dislike the taste of tap water and want to stop adding to the ever growing mountain of plastic water bottle waste.
Not getting out into nature to breathe the negative ions and connect with the earth’s frequencies (Schumann resonance/geo-magnetic force) can also impede our sleep.
We look better, we FEEL better, we function better and our longevity increases. 
We sleep better, we live better.

Nikken Sleep Products

I have a wide range of sleep products and accessories available to help you get a better nights sleep.