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How ‘the fifth element’ can unleash a healthier life

Marian Timms explains how we’ve become disconnected from the forgotten fifth element and how to reconnect. Within our human frame of skin, bone and muscles, we have organs and trillions of nerve pathways. We have a constant network of electrical energy transmitted along these nerve pathways and the way that energy flows around our body determines whether we are healthy or not. The Earth has a magnetic field and is like a glorious gigantic magnet with two poles and a huge magnetic field around it, stretching out for thousands of miles, protecting us from harmful radiation. In the last 300 years, the strength of the field is thought to have decreased by 50% with several pole reversals too. In addition, the ever-increasing amount of technology in the world (which emits what are called electromagnetic fields EMF’s) is affecting this cocoon of magnetic protection. The humble mobile phone is part of the ‘e-soup’ we find ourselves bathed in 24/7.

Our own natural magnetism

We ourselves have a magnetic field that radiates out from us approximately 4.5 metres, so when we meet and spend time with each other, we are in each other’s electromagnetic field and some are more sensitive to the energies of others and can either feel drained or energised. Like water, food, light and oxygen, the magnetic field is the long forgotten fifth element of health, essential for life. We need to be connected to the ground and the negative electrons that we absorb from it when standing barefoot on sand, grass, earth or the ocean floor. It makes us feel good, right? Research has shown that by being in contact with Mother Earth and these negative electrons, we are generally more balanced, centred, energised and less stressed.

Disconnection from Earth’s magnetic benefits

How many people do you know in your world who are stressed, “don’t feel right” yet can’t put a finger on why? How many people do you personally know who have chronic illness, pain, don’t sleep, have inflammation in their body, allergies and are depressed, anxious and on medication? Think about modern lifestyle and how disconnected we are without even realising it. We wear rubber soled shoes when exercising, drive in cars with rubber tyres with the windows up and air-con on, if lucky, we have well insulated homes with wall-to-wall carpeting and other furnishings producing off-gassing which can cause headaches and loss of coordination. Our offices, (when we are there) may have air conditioning, steel frame work and a plethora of screens, phones etc. All of these things reduce our connection with the negative surface charge of the Earth.

Rediscovering magnetic connection in a modern world

Well, we can’t all go around barefoot I hear you cry! No, agreed, it isn’t practical or always safe. However, we can do in warmer weather and where it’s safe and there are products on the market now that mimic doing this whilst inside and asleep. Studies done by a psychologist called Valerie Hunt from UCLA, showed that when the magnetic field is removed in a specially constructed room, previously ‘healthy’ volunteers, quickly became disorientated, emotional and felt pain. I see so many people like this on a daily basis and through my practice. So hopefully, you can perhaps now see the connection between state of health and the lack of connection to Earth. “Nature heals and the Doctor takes the fees” ¬– Benjamin Franklin There are energy medicine products available on the market which I myself use and promote from a Japanese wellness company established in 1975. They help me stay connected in this disconnected world and improve my health. Countless times, I have witnessed children starting to sleep who had never slept since birth, teenagers feeling less anxious and happier (their words, not mine), adults sleeping who had never slept properly, people able to raise their arms who previously had restricted movement in their shoulder; people who had given up hope because no traditional methods had worked with injuries from car accidents, curled up hands unfurl within minutes! True modern-day miracles that cynics can’t explain, yet traditional Chinese Medicine would understand as energy flow being unblocked. If you’re interested in any of the subjects touched upon in this article, then please do email me at:

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