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Wingwave Coaching, the answer to a good night's sleep. - Life Changing Energies

Wingwave Coaching

What is Wingwave Coaching?

Wingwave is a gentle, effective rapid technique working with the unconscious mind to remove emotional blocks or beliefs that may be holding you back in life; be that sleeping, performing well at work or in sport. It can help clear past trauma and grief and also eradicate chocolate cravings. Developed by qualified psychologists in Germany and one of the World’s most effective psychotherapy methods for PTSD.

Working online or in person, I help you achieve YOUR goals.

It combines EMDR wide awake rapid eye movement and uses a simple kinesiology muscle test called a myostatic test using the thumb and first finger as a compass to the body.

Follow the link below to learn more. 

Wingwave explained

My introduction to Wingwave

Like any new method, when you learn it, you yourself have to experience it in order to understand it and appreciate what your future clients will experience.

Watch this video to learn about my experience.


Problem: Insomnia

I approached Marian as I was suffering with not sleeping for large periods every night, which I thought was down to anxiety around Covid. However, Marian is extremely professional, whilst all the time ensuring I felt safe with her gently questioning, my situation and feelings. It became very quickly apparent that she is truly Holistic in her approach, suggesting magnetic wristbands along with other therapies. I was somewhat surprised that within a short conversation she had pinpointed that my anxiety was stemming from a trauma in my life more than four years ago.

Marian suggested working through my anxiety virtually using the Wingwave technique. At the beginning of the session, she explained fully how we would work together, she made me feel safe and secure and supported throughout our session. As the session came to a close, Marian made sure she left me in a good place, and with coping strategies until we could speak again. That night and every night since I experienced calm and restful sleep. 

I would certainly recommend approaching Marian if you are having any anxiety or sleep issues, she is one very calm and reassuring lady who certainly has a wide knowledge in Holistic treatments.


Problem: Confidence

I approached Marian recently to help me with a few ongoing issues which I think originated from when I was at school. I am a Somatic Movement Teacher and need to be able to speak in front of people when teaching. However I often lack confidence and focus which I feel is holding me back from growing my business. Marian suggested ‘Wingwave Coaching’ might help with these issues. I had never heard of this before but was fascinated with the way this works by creating new neural pathways.

The session was done online and Marian was very attentive and supportive. She explained what was going to happen all the way. During the session I felt anxious and Marian asked where I could feel this in my body. We worked on this feeling until it had gone. I felt like a shift had been made by the end. I can’t really explain it but things just felt clearer. Since the session I have noticed feeling more confident. One example is that I would usually feel uncomfortable talking about my prices to potential clients, but have noticed that I can talk more freely now and don’t feel so awkward bringing it up. I do feel like I am able to move forward with my business now rather than having this feeling of being held back. Thank you Marian for introducing me to this wonderful technique. I would certainly recommend Marian and Wingwave Coaching.


Problem: Sleep Related dehydration

I approached Marian about a physical problem I had with swallowing. It would take well over an hour to drink a cup of tea and usually I would throw more than half away. I needed to take medication through the day and it would usually dissolve in my mouth by the time I managed to swallow it. I rarely drank water; which is not good for your health. Eating was not a problem, so it wasn’t that I couldn’t swallow – I just found it impossibly difficult.

Marian started delving and asking questions and discovered a link between not swallowing and it stopping me talking. This ‘not speaking up’ so rang a bell with me from my childhood. Marian used the Wingwave modality to release the issue and – WITHIN THE HOUR – I was able to swallow easily. I couldn’t believe it. There’s more work to be done, but what a result for a first session! I can now enjoy drinking a full cup of tea or coffee while it’s still warm, and my medication slips down easily. This has totally transformed my life. I would recommend Marian to anyone facing either an emotional or a physical problem. Thank you Marian


Problem: Long Term Insomnia

Marian’s sleep therapy has been a godsend for me.  I had been struggling with lack of sleep for years, and I mean years! Through Marian’s guidance, care and exploration of the issues impacting my sleep, we introduced a range of activities and solutions I hadn’t used before, combined with a few I had. The game changer was the amazing Wingwave process.  My sleep has improved and I can now see light at the end of the tunnel after so many years of struggle and desperation. I am sleeping way better than I have in the past few years, and it is continuing to improve every day. Thanks Marian.