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Do you...
...feel sleep deprived?
Do you...
...have problems falling asleep?
Do you...
...wake exhausted?
Do you...
...wish your days were more productive?
Do you...
...long for more focus and energy?


Imagine feeling “hugged” the minute you climb into bed and drifting quickly into relaxed restorative sleep and waking up feeling focused. refreshed and raring to go!


Hydration is a widely misunderstood necessity for good health. Our bodies need to be hydrated and so many of today’s modern day illnesses, including sleep issues,  can be reversed if the body is adequately hydrated.  
Think…fresh mountain spring water, add into that mineralisation and alkalised and you have the Rolls Royce of water that needs no plumbing or electricity, saves the environment, your pocket and takes tap water to a whole new level.


A one stop shop to support your energy levels during the day after the perfect night’s sleep. 

Choose from the insoles, our original flagship product for a battery pack in your shoes or perhaps a kenko seat cushion for the car or office chair.

There are comfortable wraps for all your joints to support you during sports activities and the magduo to ease those tight muscles after exercise or too much desk time and so much more!

Ready for the best sleep of your life?


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Marian sits with her laptop in front of her and holding her phone.

About Me...

Having reached my sixties relatively unscathed and generally healthy, it is my mission to help others do the same with the advantage that I wished I had found out about many years ago. That advantage is Nikken, a Japanese research and development company founded 1975 whose vision, ethos and products are uniquely life changing.
My name is Marian Timms and to those of you who know me better, my nickname is Magnetic Marian.
Marian sits with her laptop in front of her and holding her phone.

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