About Magnetic Marian

Having left school at 16, I  spent all my working life training to be and being a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS specialising in Haematology, the study of blood and its diseases and latterly before retiring I was part of a program screening new born babies for specific genetic defects, namely sickle cell anaemia.
I retrained as a a reflexologist whilst still working part time and caring for my elderly mum who lived with my partner and myself in West London along with one of my 3 teenage children, my sister in law and an ageing cat.
We relocated to Hampshire in 2016 where through networking I was introduced to a range of products that can only be described as life changing…hence the birth of this website’s name.
The miracles I have seen, the lives that have been positively impacted and the testimonials for these products and their benefits are second to none.
When I worked in the NHS, you could guarantee every winter I would succumb to a nasty streaming virus/cold with 2 weeks absence.
After just 8 months drinking the filtered Pimag water and sleeping in the magnetic sleep system, I floated through the autumn and winter with not so much as a sniffle. I put that down to also taking organic barley grass, Jade Greenzymes and Lactoferrin from the same company, both of which support the immune system with much scientific evidence behind this.
Marian sits outside on a wall reading a book
I thought I had turned my back on science by turning to therapies when in fact the common denominator is the human body which is, in my opinion, the greatest machine ever built.
Through the products supporting our basic needs of sleep, water, nutrition and energy, we can become the best version of ourselves. The 5 elements of health are water, light, air, food and the magnetic field of the earth without which we would be dead within days. By using recommended products and creating a Wellness Home, we can bring the outside in and it is my belief that many of today’s modern illnesses are due in part to people being dehydrated, sleep deprived and disconnected from the healing energies of the earth’s magnetic field; something unseen yet so powerful.
When the body has all it needs, it functions at its best.  
In Japan, conditions such as fibromyalgia are called ‘Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome’ and this to me with a scientific mind is fascinating. As a therapist I see many people who are suffering with discomfort in their body, anxiety, sleep challenges and lack of brain clarity; all symptoms of lack of geomagnetic connection and oxidative stress. We live in well insulated buildings and homes surrounded by an electronic ‘soup’ of EMF’s from all the electrical devices we now use and if we support our own energy fields we can coexist better with the technologies that appear to be here to stay.
It is my mission to empower people with knowledge to make the right decisions to be proactive preventing illness in the first instance rather than reacting to disease when it happens.
To be Healthy by Choice not by Chance
Welcome to a range of products that can help you sleephydrate you optimally with the best clean, most natural tasting filtered water I have ever tasted and give you so much energy, you will think you have had rocket fuel for breakfast every day.