Gift of Sleep Divine


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Gift of Sleep Divine

The ultimate gift for you or a loved one who struggles to sleep and wants the added bonus of a Nikken kenko dream quilt (described by some as having a mummy hug). This pack also includes the diary to brain dump, and extra filters for the Sports bottle giving you 756 refills in total from the tap to the bottle. All the products have been especially selected to optimise your chances of sleeping and the 60 minute consultation is there to trouble-shoot and answer any ongoing questions you may have around the subject. The 60 minutes can be taken as two separate 30 minute sessions if preferred further down the line.

There is always the chance to enhance this package with the addition of a grounding mat or pillow available from the main website or indeed the mattress topper if you want the ultimate restorative night’s sleep or alternatively why not consider a whole Nikken sleep bundle (pillow, topper and quilt) saving 10% instead.

£599.00 inc. VAT