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Are you grounding by getting barefoot in nature? - Life Changing Energies

Are you grounding by getting barefoot in nature?

Are you grounding by getting barefoot in nature?

Grounding is both a timeless practice and modern discovery… It simply means living in contact with the earth’s natural surface charge – being grounded. You can do this by standing or grounding barefoot in nature on the sand, earth or grass.
Now not everyone has access to outside spaces or if they do, then it may not be safe for them to do so if they are blind for example. There are all sorts of products available now to facilitate this. Read on to learn more…

Did you know?

We all live and function electrically on an electrical planet. We are each of us a collection of dynamic electrical circuits in which trillions of cells constantly transmit and receive energy in the course of their programmed biochemical reactions. Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles and immune system are prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your bioelectrical body. Fact: all of your movements, behaviours and actions are energized by electricity.

Most people are totally unaware of their bioelectrical nature or the energetic connection between their bodies and the earth’s surface.
Do you  realize that YOU are disconnected from Mother Nature?
Our feet and the rest of our bodies rarely touch real ground;  insulating ourselves with layers of clothing, rubber/plastic soles, mattresses, any assortment of chairs and accessories.
How many of us spend 23 hours indoors when we exercise outside for an hour a day? Most people probably touch their mobile phone more often than they touch a leaf, a tree or the earth with our bare feet.

Now for the Science bit about grounding barefoot in nature!

Science informs us that the Earth’s electrons contain a natural, negative charge. Maintaining contact with the ground allows our bodies to naturally receive and become charged with these electrons. When we are “grounded,” we absorb these beneficial electrons that “reduce electrical imbalances in the body.” Since our bodies are composed of mostly water and minerals – just like the Earth – we are mutually electrically conductive.
When you are electrically grounded, you can feel more centered, strong, balanced, less tense and less stressed.

Now for the Physiology bit about grounding barefoot in nature!

Grounding or earthing barefoot in nature, reduces cortisol levels (cortisol is a stress related hormone). It also improves sleep (think sleeping on the forest floor as in ancient times). It stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces pain, and can help reduce and neutralize unwanted positive charges and help shield against Electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which we build up in our daily lives – restoring a healthful natural balance.


Modern living in our well insulated homes and offices (remember those days), surrounded by a sea of electrical gadgets disconnects us further. Strong fluorescent indoor lights and blue light from screens all suppress melatonin levels; the sleep hormone so no wonder so many of us struggle with sleep and mood.
It isn’t all doom and gloom and here are my top tips:


  • Get outside in the morning light to stop the production of melatonin and wake yourself up. Take your coffee with you and stand barefoot on the grass where possible.
  • Set a routine for screen curfew before bedtime, melatonin levels start rising around 8pm and leave your phone downstairs where possible. If you do use it as an alarm, put it on flight mode. The less electromagnetic frequencies around you, the more your body will feel rested.
  • Spend as much time outdoors dressed appropriately for the weather and encourage your children to do so too. Barefoot where safe to do so.
  • Invest in a grounding mat or sheet to sleep on and use when sitting at your laptop indoors all day.
  • Sit near a window to get as much light as possible during your working day
  • The most effective way to ground yourself is to feel the soles of your feet connecting to the earth by standing barefoot on soil, sand or even the sea bed.
In the winter season, with shorter, darker and colder days we all probably want to spend more time in the warmth and comfort of our homes. But you can still ground yourself at home if you know how. If you want to know more, please contact me.


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